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Episode Seventeen: Seniors With Skills Wants to End Social Isolation of Seniors | Jaya Manjunath

Do you have a senior friend or perhaps a parent or grandparent that you fear is feeling lonely or isolated?

There are serious physiological and psychological components to loneliness and isolation. Studies have found that socially isolated elders are twice as likely to die prematurely, with a mortality rate comparable to smoking. Some studies even show that loneliness is nearly twice as dangerous as obesity. It can wreak havoc with your immune system and increase inflammation, leading to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and other serious health conditions.

My guest today, Jaya Manjunath, is taking action to reduce senior isolation through Seniors with Skills, the charitable organization she was inspired to create.

Seniors with Skills is on a mission to create a movement to end social isolation of seniors in the United States. Through their Cards and Knitting Program and their Computer Training Program Seniors with Skills volunteers are helping seniors’ lead impactful lives while improving their cognitive function and overall quality of life. Ensuring that seniors have a source of social connection and a platform for positively impacting others will boost longevity and contribute to mental health and well-being.

My interview with Jaya was eye opening and inspired me to examine more closely my relationship with aging loved ones.

You can help Jaya and Seniors With Skills in their mission by visiting, https://www.seniorswithskills.org/

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