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November 28, 2017
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December 12, 2017

Episode Four – Jon Ahlquist, co-founder of the Sons of Baseball Foundation

Welcome to episode # 4 and my interview with Jon Ahlquist, co-founder of the Sons of Baseball Foundation.

For generations, most Saturday mornings have meant one thing in a young child’s life: baseball. For on this day, children across the country throw on a baseball uniform, grab their mitt and bat, and travel to their community baseball field to play ball with their friends. During the week they practice, collect baseball cards, dream of one day playing in the majors, and eagerly anticipate their next game.

Community based youth baseball programs epitomize Americana and provide a venue for our nation’s youth to grow strong physically, build character and learn social skills from coaches, community leaders and other positive role models, and form friendships that, in many cases, will last a lifetime.

Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to experience this rite of passage. But their absence from the lineup has nothing to do with desire, in fact, for many of these children, their love and passion for baseball is undeniable. Their inability to answer the umpire’s cry to “play ball” varies and is found in long and unfamiliar names like 7-Q deletion syndrome, arthrogryposis, or other life-limiting or life-threatening medical conditions.

Inclusiveness and the belief that everyone should experience the joys of baseball is what drove friends Jon Ahlquist, Eric Wallace, Chad Christensen, and Jeff Teran to establish the Sons of Baseball Foundation, a charitable organization that makes baseball dreams come true for children living with disabilities and life threatening medical conditions.

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