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Dreaming of Cooperstown with Scott Morris is where we share the stories that matter. Dreaming of Cooperstown is a metaphor for achievement and learning to lead a meaningful life. Join us as we share the stories of the dreamers, the action takers, the achievers, and the impact makers who are making a positive difference in their homes, schools, work places, communities, and in the world. We will unpack the important lessons these stories offer and discover how we can apply them to our own life. How we can write a better story for ourselves. A story that helps others. That inspires others. This is Dreaming of Cooperstown and these are the stories that matter.
January 9, 2018

Episode Seven: Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

December 20, 2017

Episode Six: Chris Dickerson is on a Mission to Protect Our Environment

December 12, 2017

Episode Five: Diane Alford, Executive Director of Miracle League

December 5, 2017

Episode Four – Jon Ahlquist, co-founder of the Sons of Baseball Foundation

November 28, 2017

Episode Three: Roberto’s Kids – A legacy continues

November 21, 2017

Episode Two: China McCarney is on a mission to remove the stigma of anxiety and depression

November 10, 2017

Episode One: Welcome to Dreaming of Cooperstown