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February 29, 2016
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June 8, 2017

Food Forward

Inspiration comes from many sources: nature, uplifting speeches, overcoming adversity, etc. For Rick Nahmias, founder of Food Forward, it came in 2009 while walking his dog around the neighborhood. On one particular day, it occurred to Mr. Nahmias that his neighborhood contained a great amount of fruit trees that weren’t being harvested. Mr. Nahmias approached a neighbor to ask if he could harvest his tangerine and orange trees for the benefit of a local food bank. “I saw the opportunity to connect need with abundance”, says Mr. Nahmias.

Food Forward is a North Hollywood-based non-profit whose mission is to fight hunger, harvest food and build community. Mr. Nahmias’ vision and efforts have inspired others. Through several initiatives, Food Forward volunteers and partners bring high-quality nutrition to people in need feeding an estimated 100,000 Southern Californians per month. To date, Food Forward has recovered and donated nearly 18 million pounds of fresh local produce (much of which would have gone to waste) to over 300 service agencies in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

Food Forward volunteers are making change around hunger in our communities and while they may not be solving hunger, they are putting up a good fight. They are heroes to those they are positively impacting. Learn how you can support this worthy organization at

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